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May 8, 2016

Victor - Victor - Victor - Part One: Talking with Bill Betts

In this episode, the first of our veteran archive interviews, we speak with veteran Bill Betts about his experience as a radio operator in an M4 Sherman tank during the Second World War. Bill joined the army aged 19 in 1941 and fought with the Essex Yeomanry Regiment as part of B Troop. The Regiment landed on D-Day in the Jig Green Sector of Gold Beach near Le Hamel and fought its way with the rest of the British 8th Armoured Brigade through France, Belgium, Holland and into Germany before eventually being de-mobbed in 1946. Due to the length of the interview, it will be published on the podcast in two parts. What follows in part one, we discuss Bill joining the army, the training he underwent, joining the EYR, landing on Gold Beach, a few close encounters with a Tiger Tank, R&R in Brussels and much more...

 Music Featured: Hearts & Flowers by Jeff Kaale (@jeff-kaale)

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